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Designed for manual packing

Videpack is a manually assembled box, easy to use and recommended for use directly in the field or in packing stations without machines.

Easy assembly. Once the box is open, press down on to the columns until they stay upright by themselves, at which point the box is ready to be used manually or on automated production lines.

Maximum protection for your products. It is manufactured with solid board and stands out for its high load capacity and resistance during transportation.

An excellent alternative to plastic trays. Unlike plastic trays, it is a disposable box, which guarantees maximum hygiene. It also saves on buying disinfecting products.

Available in all sizes, within the standardised measurements and heights.

The best image for your product. The printing system used allows us to add high quality designs as well as an attractive finish that achieves an impressive presentation of the product.

Videpack has been practically tested on all continents.

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