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Graphic board
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Smooth, resistant, recycled and high quality cardboard

Dorexpack cardboard is the ideal solution for book or notebook covers, binders, folders and a wide range of products related to luxury packaging (perfume, cava, wine, etc) as well as puzzles, boxes and board games, since it meets all the regulations in force in the toy industry.

Technical features

This product is available in different sheets and formats, or the measurement requested by the customer:

Range of callipers
From 1.20 mm to 3.75 mm

Maximum measurements
1,400 mm x 1,400 mm

Minimum measurements
50 mm x 90 mm

Other sizes on request.

Surface finishes
White, grey, black and various colours of paper.
Can also de supplied printed in colours tailored to the client.

We also offer the following specialities:
- Milled
- Round edges
- White 1-sided, 2-sided
- Hinges